Who we are

    • Al Manar International Schools ( M.I.S) was established in Istanbul in 2016 .

    We have acquired both accreditations from The Turkish ministry of education and The international accreditation from AIAA (American International Accreditation of Schools and Colleges)

    • Al Manar International Schools has wide experience and pioneering in the education field. It includes a selection of distinguished competencies.

    • The student is our priority, we seek advanced system to enrich the student with high quality education, as well as the Islamic morals based on:

    • The student is the sole-purpose of the education process

    • The educational process is an integrated process that builds the student’s mind with knowledge, develops his skills through experience, and strengthens his moral and moral system.

    • Using advanced learning methods, and modern strategies.

    • Sincerity in work and proficiency in accordance with international quality standards.

    • Work within one family spirit that provides students with a safe and supportive social environment.

Special services

  • Distinguished academic administration.

  • Highly qualified and professional teachers

  • A staff, well-trained for SATs.

  • A staff, equipped with an instant feedback technology for communication with your respective questions regarding the students.

  • Activities and supporting educational programs, serving the academic process.

  • Interesting, educational and entertaining field trips.

  • Comfortable transportation.